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Our Garlic Products

At Pahal Traders, we go above and beyond just selling products. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in every step of our production process. With our extensive knowledge and dedication to your satisfaction, we guarantee that all your farming and gardening needs will be met.

Minimum quantity to order garlic is 3000 Kg , Check payment process once before reaching to us

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Bom Garlic (AAAA Size)

Our BOM Garlic boasts bulbs measuring 41+ mm, ensuring robust flavor and superior quality. Ideal for Garlic wholesalers, our garlic offers exceptional size, extended shelf life, and high nutrient content. Elevate your products with the best garlic on the market, perfect for a wide range of culinary uses, and ready for export with no damage.


S.kumar Garlic (AAA Size)

S.Kumar Garlic, sized up to 40 mm, is the ideal choice for both household use and bulk selling in APMC mandi. Known for its balanced flavor and reliable quality, this garlic offers a versatile and cost-effective solution for everyday cooking needs. Perfect for traders looking for a size less than BOM Garlic , S.Kumar Garlic provides consistent taste and freshness, making it a staple in kitchens and markets alike. Choose S.Kumar Garlic for a blend of quality and affordability that meets all your culinary requirements.


Maharaja Garlic (AA Size)

Maharaja Garlic, also known as Laddu Garlic, featuring Garlic bulbs sized at 36 mm. This above-medium size garlic is celebrated for its exceptional quality and robust flavor, making it a prized choice for both culinary and garlic wholesale markets. Maharaja Garlic boasts a long shelf life and minimal damage, ensuring maximum freshness and taste. Perfect for enhancing a wide range of dishes, this premium garlic offers the reliability and superior taste that discerning cooks and traders demand. Choose Maharaja Garlic for unparalleled quality in every clove.


Extra Medium Garlic (A Size)

Extra Medium Garlic, also known as Medium Garlic , with Garlic bulb sizes ranging from 28 to 32 mm. This garlic variety is a staple in the South Indian Garlic market, particularly valued for its suitability for garlic peeling. Perfect for use in hotels and restaurants, Extra Medium Garlic offers an excellent balance of cost and value. Its reliable quality and moderate size make it an economical choice for large-scale culinary operations without compromising on flavor. Choose Extra Medium Garlic for a cost-effective and versatile ingredient that meets the high demands of the food service industry


Pearl Garlic (AAAA Size)

Pearl Garlic, also known as Pudi Garlic, with bulb sizes ranging from 25 to 28 mm. This garlic variety is highly prized for ease of garlic peeling and exceptional suitability for medicinal uses. Ideal for making garlic paste, garlic masala , and other ground garlic preparations, Pearl Garlic offers robust flavor at an economical price. Known for its medicinal benefits, including boosting immunity and improving heart health, Pearl Garlic is a versatile ingredient for both culinary and health applications

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